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Houston Chronicle: NASA launches new research project looking at maternal health
29 Jun 2017Houston Chronicle • Posted in Press Room.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center has partnered with Square Roots, a New York-based maternal health company, to launch a new research project looking at how induced stress can affect a person's metabolism. The Space Center's Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory will look at changes in biological samples taken from astronauts before and during space flight to evaluate the effects of the physical and emotional stress of space flight on the human metabolism and how the body's metabolism adapts to that stress.
Fit Pregnancy : 'Birthmark,' the First City-Based Initiative to Support Pregnancy, Launches in Miami
22 Jun 2017Fit Pregnancy • Posted in Press Room.
A new program to be rolled out in cities across the US looks to improve the health of moms and babies. The state of health for mothers and babies in the US is not great. The rate of maternal deaths in this country has actually risen over the past couple of decades—we are the only developed country where this happened, and global trends are going in the other direction. Traumatic birth complications have also gone up. And our federal government doesn't look like they're doing much about it. So, a coalition of cities is taking matters into their own hands by pledging to improve conditions for moms and babies. Led by Miami, the cities will be using a new platform called Birthmark, a consistent set of practices and resources developed by medical experts and policy makers at the mission-driven pregnancy health and wellness company Square Roots. The goal is to improve healthcare for pregnant women at the local level within their communities. "The Birthmark set of services ensures that infants in the womb are being well nourished and protected from substances that can harm them," Judith Palfrey, MD, a national leader in pediatric advocacy and Square Roots' board of advisors co-chair, tells Fit Pregnancy. "Birthmark works to guarantee all mothers safe, properly timed deliveries and excellent care for their newborns."
Square Roots Launches BIRTHMARK®: First National Platform to Support Pregnancy
21 Jun 2017businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
The City of Miami partnership marks the first in a series of partnerships with cities and companies to engage local cross-sector leaders in a joint commitment to improve maternal health and wellness, and set a pregnancy wellness standard. Through a combination of educational programming and direct engagement with key stakeholders, Miami will implement public initiatives to help expectant mothers reduce stress and improve health outcomes throughout their pregnancies. The city of Miami will work to ensure workplace environments have the resources and knowledge needed to better support expectant mothers.
Most women don’t value hospital C-section rates in choosing where to give birth, according to new study
26 Jan 2017Ariadne Labs • Posted in Press Room.
Even though the hospital where a woman gives birth may be her biggest risk factor for having an unnecessary C-section, a new study by Ariadne Labs suggests most women don’t factor hospital quality into their decision making about where to receive care.
Square Roots Announces Advisory Board Co-chair Appointments, Dr. Judith Palfrey and Senator Olympia Snowe
30 Nov 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Dr. Palfrey, a new addition to the Advisory Board, has an extensive record of leadership in pediatrics, having served both as the Executive Director of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Program as well as the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Senator Snowe, an existing Square Roots Advisory Board Member, will work with Dr. Palfrey to jointly lead the Square Roots Advisory Board’s efforts to redesign wellness in pregnancy and develop new standards in healthy pregnancy and networks to share the best practices.
Square Roots Invests in the First “Birth Bonds”
5 Oct 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Square Roots introduces the Birth Bonds Initiative to reduce disparities in birth across the U.S. by investing in community health workers.
Square Roots founder and CEO Morad Fareed Featured in Morgan Stanley's Perspectives in Philanthropy
20 Jul 2016Perspectives in Philanthropy • Posted in Press Room.
Morad Fareed has built a career creating companies and projects that improve the well-being and environments of others. His latest venture as founder and CEO of Square Roots, a discovery company focused on improving maternal and infant health, epitomizes his passion for advancing how we live.
Square Roots Expands Advisory Board with Two Leading Experts on Health Care Disparities
7 Jul 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Square Roots announced today the addition of two new advisory board members: Dr. Lisa Saul, MD, the president of Allina Health’s Mother Baby Clinical Service Line and a perinatologist with Minnesota Perinatal Physicians; and Dr. Rachel R. Hardeman, PhD, MPH, an Assistant Professor in the Division of Health Policy and Management at the University of Minnesota.
New Research Initiative to Provide Expecting Mothers Vital Information on Pregnancy Care Options
27 Jun 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
A new research project at Ariadne Labs supported by Square Roots, a mission-driven company focused on defining and empowering healthy birth, will educate women on quality of care options by providing them with facility-level cesarean section rates. “C-section rates have surged 500 percent in just one generation. A hospital’s C-section rate is an important indicator of a woman’s risk of having an unnecessary C-section at that hospital,” said Ariadne Labs researcher Dr. Neel Shah, the project lead and an obstetrician-gynecologist at Beth Israel.
Natchez chosen to participate in infant, maternal health program
27 Jun 2016Natchez Democrat • Posted in Press Room.
Natchez will be one of 40 participants in Square Roots' BIRTH 40: The Coalition of Cities Improving Birth, a four-year, $4.15 million commitment intended to improve services to pregnant women across the United States.
The State of Birth: The Critical Condition of Maternal Health in America
14 Jun 2016Medium • Posted in Press Room.
Simply put, the state of birth in America is dire, and our nation’s mothers deserve better. We need more collaboration across sectors. We need smarter investments in technology to advance access to care. We need better information dissemination to inform the choices of mothers. We need better assessments to adequately measure the quality of care providers. We need commitments from leaders across health care, government, philanthropy, and academia. And we need a national focus on improving the state of birth for all families, in all communities across America.
Square Roots Launches “BIRTH 40™”, the Coalition of Cities Improving Birth in the United States
13 Jun 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
BIRTH 40™ member cities will receive access to Square Roots BIRTH™ platform, custom birth plan system, leading research, and cross-city collaboration. Announcement is part of a four-year, $4.15 million Commitment to Action made at CGI America. Commitment includes the publication of a national blueprint and regional summits to encourage sharing of best practices and inform local efforts.
The Massive Market Failure of Motherhood
18 May 2016Huffington Post • Posted in Press Room.
For everyone who has children, nieces, nephews, younger siblings, and/or a soul, safe childbirth is deeply personal—not only because of what has happened to some of us, but also because of what could have happened and what still might happen. Nearly four million women give birth in the United States each year, and more than 50,000 of these mothers experience severe, life-threatening complications. This makes the United States among the most dangerous countries in the developed world to give birth.
Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) and Square Roots Host New York City Mothers and Maternal Health Leaders to Explore the Future of Wellness in Pregnancy
10 May 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Square Roots funds innovative program to explore wellness care during pregnancy, including stress and anxiety reduction through therapeutic yoga, Reiki, and meditation. Program is hosted by Donna Karan, Founder, Urban Zen Foundation and Morad Fareed, Founder and CEO, Square Roots. Other speakers include Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman, Co-Directors of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program; and Elan Vital McAllister, Founder of Choices in Childbirth.
Square Roots Honors International Women’s Day from Natchez to London
8 Mar 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Company supports female entrepreneurs in London while Advisor Senator Olympia Snowe shares personal message to mothers in Natchez
Square Roots Announces Addition of Senator Olympia Snowe to its Advisory Board
3 Mar 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Woman’s Health Champion Joins Bi-Partisan Collective To Transform Maternal Health
Square Roots Continues to Expand Advisory Board with Key Midwifery Appointments
4 Feb 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Square Roots today announced the appointment of two midwives and entrepreneurs, Baby + Company founder Cara Osborne, SD, MSN, CNM and Maternity Neighborhood co-founder and CEO Brynne Potter, CPM, to its Advisory Board.
Square Roots Announces Program with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative to Address Maternal Health Challenges
25 Jan 2016businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Organizations to Launch Pilot Program in Natchez, Mississippi
Square Roots Proud to Welcome Founder of Ancient Song Doula Services, Chanel Porchia-Albert to the Square Roots Advisory Board
11 Dec 2015businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Ms. Porchia-Albert Brings Unique Expertise to Square Roots
Dr. Neel Shah of Harvard Medical School and Ariadne Labs Joins Square Roots Advisory Board
2 Dec 2015businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Dr. Shah is an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School and Associate Faculty at the Ariadne Labs: a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.
Square Roots Acquires Fitzgerald Analytics to Build Data Science + Knowledge Center
15 Oct 2015businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Square Roots has has acquired Fitzgerald Analytics, a leading analytics and data science firm, to create the first comprehensive, multi-source, multi-media knowledge library containing the most useful, science-based information on maternal health
Square Roots Expands Advisory Board with Appointment of Dr. Elena Gates, Dr. David Rowitch and Dr. Yao Sun
17 Sep 2015 businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
UCSF Medical Experts in Gynecology, Neonatology and Perinatology
Square Roots Announces Inaugural Advisory Board Members
17 Aug 2015businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
Advisors Joining from Medicine, Science, Environment, and Public Policy
The Square Roots Resolution on Maternal Health is Approved by the U.S. Conference of Mayors
26 Jun 2015businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
The Square Roots Resolution Receives Initial Support from 11 Mayors Led by City of Baltimore.
Square Roots Forms To Improve Maternal Health
19 Jun 2015businesswire • Posted in Press Room.
We Are Failing Our Mothers in the United States And The Data is Overwhelming

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