Healthier Humans

Square Roots improves human health and wellbeing by optimizing key developmental phases in human life. Focused on the ‘root causes’ of health and well being, we work with innovative minds to develop and distribute solutions globally.

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Let's Talk Pregnancy.

The most important phase of human development faces  extraordinary challenges.

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Elements of an Optimal Pregnancy

As every mother knows, pregnancy is one of the greatest stress tests of the human body. Achieving an optimal pregnancy depends on many factors:

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Mental Health
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Physical Activity
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Square Roots dedicated years and millions of dollars championing public health efforts to improve pregnancy outcomes for moms and their babies; including passing the first maternal health resolution at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in 83 years.

We eventually realized that our greatest challenge was the lack of a gold standard for pregnancy well-being.

How could the most important function in life not have clear best practices? We knew we needed a standard, beyond just surviving pregnancy. We needed a pregnancy flourishing roadmap.

So, we teamed-up with the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and other leading maternal health and wellness organizations to create a new blueprint to holistically define and provide an optimal pregnancy for all women.

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We then asked ourselves

How could we best serve mothers?

Pregnancy 2.0

Your personal pregnancy digital assistant.

This free app will be a leap forward in serving mothers. Providing you personalized health, wellness, and environmental support, 24hrs a day, so you have more energy and less stress.

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Personal Guide

Information & guidance through each step of your pregnancy to help you achieve the gold standard. Right up until giving birth!

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Environmental & Personal Data

Our app connects with cutting edge technology you can install in your home and wear on your wrist to provide real-time data on how your environment and activities are affecting your pregnancy.

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The Right Solutions

We get it, best practices and information are great, but sometimes a problem only gets solved by buying a product or service.

Our Lab tests best in-class products to provide you transparent intelligence on their health impact, and personalized recommendations so you don’t have to stress.

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Personal Support

Feeling overwhelmed or just need a check-up? We have your back.

Our app connects you to the best local telehealth and midwifery help you could dream of.


Morad address
Morad Fareed’s opening address at the Humanity 2.0 Forum in the Vatican 

Morad Fareed, CEO of Square Roots and Co-Founder and CEO of Humanity 2.0 Well Being, was honored to address participants of the 2019 Humanity 2.0 Forum at the Vatican. His words launch an entire segment focused on maternal health and how humanity can come together to support moms and babies globally.

Dean Williams
Michelle Williams – Dean at Harvard’s School of Public Health on the state of maternal health and the challenges ahead 

Dean Williams powerfully shares the global challenges humanity faces to improve maternal health outcomes and how a life course approach is the surest path to success. She courageously addresses the health disparity in our societies and calls the Humanity 2.0 audience to action.

President Speech
At the Vatican, former President of Malta speaks on the challenges around maternal health and early childhood 

The Former President of Malta, H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, KUOM GCMG, addresses the attendees of the 2019 Humanity 2.0 Forum on maternal health and her hopes for the future.