Technology & Scale: Keys to Improving Global Health Outcomes w/ Dr. Rashad Massoud 

Dr. Rashad Massoud has worked for more than a decade to scale life-saving interventions in the public health sector globally. In this series, he shares thoughts on how Square Roots’ efforts to establish a pregnancy “gold standard” could improve pregnancy outcomes for all moms, everywhere. Dr. Rashad Massoud is the Chief Medical and Quality Officer […]

Climate Change and How it Impacts Pregnancy w/ Margo T. Oge 

Margo Oge is from the ClimateWorks Foundation and in this series she shares fascinating and troubling insights on how climate change affects the health of mothers and their unborn babies! We promise it will make you think twice about taking a casual walk down your polluted street when pregnant. Margo is the Chair Of The […]

Ten Truths You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression leaves many women unable to function both in their careers and as a mother. Here are ten truths that will help get you back on the road to recovery from depression.  You’re not alone Scientific research (thanks to ongoing federal funding!) is starting to focus more on women’s health. And the new statistics […]

Three Nutrients You Need While Pregnant (and where to find them!)

Healthy babies come from healthy first beginnings in the womb. During the exciting time of planning for the arrival of a newborn, consider adding these essential nutrients to your diet to prevent serious birth defects—and to set your child up for a life of health and success.  FOLATE Compare a women’s multivitamin with a men’s […]
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Innovative White Paper released on Optimizing Environments for Pregnancy 

Square Roots and Humanity 2.0 Well Being published its first white paper on the state of maternal health worldwide. The paper identifies toxic environments as critical factors in hindering maternal health, including hundreds of women who die each day in pregnancy and childbirth, as well as impeding optimal health and development of the next generation. Moving […]