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Square Roots and City of Miami Launch BIRTHMARK®: First National Platform to Support Pregnancy

Square Roots, a mission-driven company focused on pregnancy health and wellness, is hosting its inaugural BIRTHMARK® Day event in the City of Miami this Friday, June 23rd. BIRTHMARK® is the first national platform to support pregnancy and is connected by a coalition of cities, called BIRTHMARK® Cities. With lack of support on the federal level for maternal healthcare, Square Roots is working on the local level with cities and corporations to form a new standard for prenatal care. Built upon Square Roots’ successful passing of the 2015 Maternal Health Resolution at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, this city-led coalition will include seven member cities by the end of 2017.

The City of Miami partnership marks the first in a series of partnerships with cities and companies to engage local cross-sector leaders in a joint commitment to improve maternal health and wellness, and set a pregnancy wellness standard. Through a combination of educational programming and direct engagement with key stakeholders, Miami will implement public initiatives to help expectant mothers reduce stress and improve health outcomes throughout their pregnancies. The city of Miami will work to ensure workplace environments have the resources and knowledge needed to better support expectant mothers.